• Radico 100% Organic Manjistha Powder - (3 IN 1 Pack)

Radico 100% Organic Manjistha Powder - (3 IN 1 Pack)

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Scientific name: Rubia cordifolia
Common name: Manjistha/madder
Growing regions: Himalayas and hill stations in India.
Parts used: Leaves, roots and seeds.
(i) Beneficial in treating skin conditions like uneven pigmentation and eczema.
(ii) Promote hair growth, prevent hair splitting, hair fall and dandruff.
(iii) Used for healthy growth of hairs and to keep hairs in their original colour.
Method of use: Add manjistha powder to henna paste and apply it on hairs.
Manjistha will enhance the red color of henna and gives bright red hues.
Side effects: Since,
manjistha is a natural ingredient, it has no side effects.

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